Germany: Berlin, August 1977 and June 2011

These 2 photos were taken in Alexanderplatz Berlin. Alexanderplatz is in what was once East Berlin/East Germany. In August 1977 I was in West Berlin and crossed into the East at Checkpoint Charlie. It was a slow walk across no mans land to enter the East; the East German border guards took my passport and issued a 24 hour Transit Visa, which if I recall correctly cost DM 5 or about $2. I also had to exchange at least DM 25 (about $10) into East German currency at a very poor Exchange rate. It was forbidden to take East German currency out of the East, so I ended up buy a couple of souvenirs and leaving remaining coins in a collection box at the return border crossing.
Back in 1977, the Berlin Wall still had another 22 years in place.

I took the second photo when in Berlin 3-5 June 2011 at the completion of our trip to Russia.
A few more people around, but the buildings haven't changed so much, the Sparkasse Bank is still there and the fountain still works. If anything Alexanderplatz was cleaner in 1977...



Liechtenstein:Vaduz, July 1977 and August 2014.

We had been back to Liechtenstein in 2011 and I couldn't locate the location of my 1977 photo. In 2014 I did a bit more research and eventually found where it was. The area had changed significantly; was was once a busy roundabout and street is now an intersection and a pedestrian area. The large building is a almost unrecognizable except for the roof line and tiles which are almost unchanged.
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Germany: BMW Museum and Olympiapark Munich, August 1977 and July 2015

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The BMW Museum was in the small round building back in 1977. I remember it was excellent way back then..a circular walkway ramps up the building interior with cars on display, and at the top there was a multi-screen video display...very good for the late 1970's.
The museum has now been expanded and is in both the larger dark building to the left of the 2015 photo and the small round building in front of the 4 cylinder tower. The older building contained a special exhibition of Mini history when we visited in 2015.
The large dark building is also the home of BMW Welt (World) where all the current models and technology is on display, and where purchasers of new cars can come and collect them from the factory.

The Olympic Park has changed little over the years.

Quite amazing the differences in traffic on the roads though.

Italy: Pisa,July 1977 and June 2011

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Interesting, as these two photos seem to show that the Leaning Tower has indeed been straightened during the repairs that were completed in 2001.

Hong Kong: April 1977 and June 2015

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Taller buildings, and pollution has definitely increased since 1977..not at all nice.

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