San Marino counted as another country we have visted as it is officially the Republic of San Marino.
Its on the northeastern side of the Italy, and south of Venice. Its very small, 61 km2 and has about 32,000 people. Affluent; no debt and no unemployment,
San Marino is supposedly the the oldest surviving country/ republic in the world, as it was founded on 3 September 301.

We drove to San Marino from Rimini..only about 30 minutes drive and about 25km. Most of the country is high on a mountain and there is no flat land to speak of. Locally registered cars can drive in the city part; everyone else parks in one of the downhill car parks and takes the The Funivia di San Marino which is an aerial cable car up to the summit and city area on Monte Titiano. You can walk down if you wish...
alt The city of San Marino itself is quite nice; steep streets, lots of small shops and souvenir places, plenty of restaurants, museums and nice outlooks over the surrounding countryside.
alt We had lunch at a nice Pizza/Pasta restaurant with an outlook to the east and to the coast and tried the very good locally brewed beer. The food in this part of Italy is Emilia-Romagna style with pasta dishes like tortellini, lasagne,and tagliatelle.
alt We saw the Presidents car drive up the street which caused much excitement from the locals; we couldn't see if he was actually in the car because of dark windows, but the locals certainly cheered and yelled as if he was there.

San Marino is well worth a visit; even just to wander around, eat and drink and take in the sights.

I usually read up on places before we visit..but I didn't do much on San Marino and only found out that the City of San Marino is not the biggest town in the country...the biggest town is Dogana in the north. We drive through Dogana which is just across the border on the SS72 road in from Italy but didn't stop. Bugger!

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